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Should Cats eat scrambled eggs?

Friday, 21 November 2008 1:16


What do you think of feeding a cat scrambled eggs?


Is it bad to feed this hungry kitten scrambled eggs?  At first I thought NO!  But then I looked it up online and on Yahoo Answers someone asked the question: 

What can cats eat and what can they not eat?

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If you are to continue feeding this cat PLEASE, PLEASE get some cat food. Although the things you have mentioned will not harm the cat any cooked human food is lacking in taurine and that is absolutely essential for the cat. Lack of it can lead to death from heart problems and/or blindness.

Taurine is added to all commercial cat foods because the dangers of this deficiency.... raw chopped up chicken wings, a small amount of raw liver or raw chicken hearts are great if the cat likes them and lightly scrambled or boiled egg can be beneficial too. There again, once you COOK those things the nutritional benefits are lost.
So it's not that great, but I guess it's not as bad as I originally thought.
Someone responded to this video with a super cute video of two little kittens chowing down!

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