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Pissed off cats... an explanation....

Friday, 02 January 2009 0:53


I have a category called Pissed off Cats, and since I am a cat lover, who hates to see cats get abused, I felt like I should explain the category.  "Pissed off" seems like a pretty crude category name... but the reason that I created it, is because the web is filled with videos, stories and pics of pissed off cats ( most notably Hamburger and Fries, a royally pissed off feline).  Cat's, while super cute, furry and huggable... are very independent, intelligent beings... cross them, and you will piss them off...  they don't try to hide it...  Some of the videos and stories of pissed off cat's are funny... some are just plain sad.  Either way, I love to see cat's express themselves, it helps me learn more about them.

There are a number of ways to "piss a cat off", obviously abuse of any kind is one way but you can also piss a kitty off just by being an annoying human.  Cat's just don't appreciate being treated a a lesser being.  It seems like they only want the same respect that you would offer a human that you consider a friend, or that is a family member.  

What is really interesting is that as humans, approximately 60% of us tend to think that cats are even cuter when they are mad, the remaining 40% of us feel for the poor cats and feel sorry for them.  I am somewhere on the border... cat's are always cute to me... even when they are mad.  Of course, I feel their plight, but it's almost like a curse for them....  they are so furry and cute, that it's hard for me to take them seriously, even when they are mad...

Anywhoo, for your veiwing pleasure (or not) check out these videos for more examples of pissed off cats.

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