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Funny Commercial: Mewvies!!!!!

Saturday, 29 November 2008 20:22


Here are a few of the testimonials from the Mewvie site:


"I was really a skeptic that my cat, Jezzie, would watch your DVD since she NEVER paid attention to the television. The minute I put it in and the squirrels came on (she looooves to watch them in the backyard) she instantly started to paw the screen and talk to it!!!! My husband and I were thrilled to see her interact with the film. Too bad it was not a “feel” or “smell” avision, or she would’ve been in kitty heaven! She was not happy when my husband turned it off to watch the Friday Night Flights. She kept looking at the screen as if to say “where did they go?..”. Jezzie will love it especially when winter comes and there are no “critters” to watch out the window. I hope your business thrives and you broaden your collection. I will watch for new “movies” to come out."


Thanks from Jezzie, Charlie & Susan Forhan


"Dear Mewvie creators,


My husband I just bought our cats the Backyard Buffet mewvie this evening at the Tulsa County Fair. Our cats love it. Within the first 2 minutes of it being on all four of our feline family members were up on the bench that we provided for their viewing pleasure. I have attached a picture of the kitties enjoying their first “made for kitties” video. I hope you get a kick out the photo as much as we get a kick out of watching the cats watch TV. "



Lori Medrano


"Dear Mewvie People,


After trying to convince your employee, Fred, that my cats would never EVER watch TV, I reluctantly gave in and purchased the Mewvie DVD at the Tulsa State Fair. I can not believe it, but they LOVE it! They sit in front of the TV and are fascinated! Mr. Bo and Toby are indoor cats and they really enjoy seeing the birds, mice and other creatures on the Mew vie. Thank you for offering such a creative and fun product that entertains not only our kitties, but us owners too!"



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