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Cat Food Taste Test: Fancy Feast vs. Friskies

Friday, 28 November 2008 22:45

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Which cat food is better? Friskies or Fancy Feast?


Which is better?


In a taste test conducted by Joni Lambert, the least expensive brand Friskies won.  See here:  Video on Cat food taste test. But, which one is healthier?  


May cat AJAX, LOVES Fancy Feast (anything with gravy), but he also east Friskies as well.They are both made by Purina.  Shockingly, when I researched online the results on Yahoo Answers is that they are both pretty bad: 


Both of them are pretty lousy foods. 

Look at the labels--
A cat needs a protein content of 11% or higher in canned foods, 35% or higher in dry foods.

The ingredients should list at least two meat sources in the first four ingredients, they should NOT be by-products. And there should be no corn listed in the first 5 ingredients (cats can't digest corn, it's a filler they get no benefit from). The ingredients always list the things with the most volume in the food from largest to smallest, so the first five or six things are very important. 

Evo canned is very good, so is Wellness (canned), Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul (canned), some of the NutroMax, etc. Look at the labels--the protein and the meat sources, and you'll make good choices.


There was also a positive response:


"Actually, it's the same meat and fish by-products. Fancy Feast is more expensive, but it smells and looks better.  My cats like both Friskies and Fancy Feast."


But this answer didn't really touch on the health aspect...  What do you think?





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