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ANOTHER COMMUTER CAT!!!! Casper the Cat travels by bus too!

Saturday, 01 August 2009 14:21

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Wow!!!  I just wrote about an older new story from 2007 regarding MaCavity the Cat, but now there is news of another commuter cat!  

In his golden years, 12-year-old Casper has discovered a very efficient way to get around the English city of Plymouth. He leaves his house, trots across the street to the bus stop, waits his turn in line and hops on the city bus! The cat even has a favorite seat — in the middle of the aisle — where he kicks back for a spin around town before hopping off at his destination.

Cats in England know the best way to get where they are going!!!!


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THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!! CAT'S are $1.32 per pound in Guangdong, China.... :( Cat Lover's in China Protest!

Monday, 22 December 2008 4:17

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Pet lovers protest cats on the menu in China



GUANGZHOU, China (AP) — While animal lovers in Beijing protested the killing of cats for food on Thursday, a butcher in Guangdong province — where felines are the main ingredient in a famous soup — just shrugged her shoulders and wielded her cleaver. "Cats have a strong flavor. Dogs taste much better, but if you really want cat meat, I can have it delivered by tomorrow," said the butcher, who gave only her surname, Huang.

It was just this attitude that outraged about 40 cat lovers who unfurled banners in a tearful protest outside the Guangdong government office in Beijing. Many were retirees who care for stray felines they said were being rounded up by dealers.

"We must make them correct this uncivilized behavior," said Wang Hongyao, who represented the group in submitting a letter urging the provincial government to crack down on traders and restaurants, although they were breaking no laws.

The protest was the latest clash between age-old traditions and the new sensibilities made possible by China's growing affluence. Pet ownership was once rare because the Communist Party condemned it as bourgeois and most people simply couldn't afford a cat or dog.

The protesters' indignation was whipped up by recent reports in Chinese newspapers about the cat meat industry. On Monday, the Southern Metropolis Daily — a Guangdong paper famous for its exposes and aggressive reporting — ran a story that said about 1,000 cats were transported by train to Guangdong each day.

The animals came from Nanjing, a major trading hub for cats, the newspaper said. They were brought to market by dealers on motorcycles, crammed into wooden crates and sent to Guangdong on trains. A photo showed a cat with green eyes peering from a crowded crate.

Some people in Nanjing spend their days "fishing for cats," often stealing pets, the report said.

One cat owner in Guanghzou said people are afraid to let their pets leave the house for fear they will get nabbed.

"It's never been this bad. Who knows, it might be because of the bad economy. I've heard that there are cat-nabbing syndicates from Hunan that are rounding up cats," said the man, who would only give his surname, Lai, because he feared the cat business might be run by gangsters.

Animal protection groups have occasionally ambushed truck convoys loaded with bamboo cages filled with cats bound for Guangdong. In one recent case, hundreds of cats escaped after their cages were opened, though hundreds more remained penned in the vehicle.

Lai Xiaoyu, who was involved in the attempted "rescue," said authorities couldn't stop the cat shipment because the traders said the animals were to be raised as pets.

"The police did what they could, but there's little they can do to stop or punish those traders from shipping live animals," Lai said.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, issued a statement Thursday decrying the cruel treatment.

"China has no animal protection laws, and throughout the country scores of cats and dogs are bred or rounded up, crammed onto trucks and driven for days under hellish conditions to animal markets, where they are beaten to death, strangled or boiled alive," said a spokesman for the group, Michael V. McGraw.

Guangdong is home to the Cantonese people, famous for being the most adventurous eaters in China. There's a popular saying: "The Cantonese will eat anything that flies, except airplanes, and anything with legs, except a chair."

Zhu Huilian, a nutrition and food safety professor at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong's capital, Guangzhou, said people usually eat cat in restaurants, not at home.

"There's a famous soup called 'Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix,'" Zhu said. "It involves cooking snake, cat and chicken together. In winter more people eat cats as they believe it's extra nutritious."

The wide-ranging Cantonese culinary tastes are on display daily in Guangzhou, also known as Canton, in the Qing Ping Market. Shopkeepers sit behind cages full of writhing snakes, tubs with turtles and plastic basins with mounds of scorpions crawling over each other.

That's where the butcher, Huang, sells her meat, sliced on a blood-soaked cutting board in a stall filled with cages of chickens and rabbits.

Hanging on a hook from its head — with its snout cut cleanly off — was a skinned dog with a long curly tail, paws with small clumps of fur still on them and black claws. The dog's jaw bone was displayed in a metal tray beneath the carcass.

"The cat meat we sell comes from legitimate sources," said Huang, who gave only her surname because her boss doesn't allow her to speak to reporters. "It's from cat farms. The animals are raised the same way cows are."

She said cat meat sold for about $1.32 a pound, while dog meat was cheaper, at about 95 cents a pound. Chicken was the best buy at 62 cents a pound, while lamb sold for about $1.32.

Huang said customers had to order cat meat a day in advance because it doesn't sell as well as dog.

"Cat tastes a bit like lamb. I don't like it much," she said. "Young cats are tender, but the meat on the older ones is really tough. Usually old people like eating it."

Associated Press writer Gillian Wong in Beijing, researchers Xi Yue in Beijing and Ji Chen in Shanghai, and Carley Petesch in New York contributed to the report


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Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to everyone in Mumbai, India. During this time concerned friends and family turn to feline friends for comfort.

Friday, 28 November 2008 21:22

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We are truely saddned by the horrible news of the horror that has been unfolding in Mumbai India. I came across a story written by a blogger that took comfort from her sensitive feline friend Princess Sita.  Read:  Princess Sita, kitten, Brings some Smiles in Time of Tragedy

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Attention Southern Maryland! Calling all Kitten, Cat Lovers!!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008 21:07

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This holiday season, give the gift of life to the many kittens and cats of Southern Maryland looking for loving homes. Come out to Pepper's Pantry in Solomons for an adoption event to be held on Saturday, Dec. 6 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 13858 Solomons Island Road.


For more information, call (301) 373-5805. Or visit The Bay Net News.



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WOW! Lost cat found after 4 years thanks to micro chip!!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008 19:53

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Does your cat have a microchip?


 A Countryside Humane Society agent picked up the large, black cat after it was reported as a stray in Mount Pleasant.

A scan revealed a micro chip that said the cat was named Sebastian and belonged to an Illinois woman.

Countryside rescue coordinator Maggie Senzig says the owner couldn't believe it when the humane society called with the news that her cat had been found. The woman had lost Sebastian when he was a 7-month-old kitten. She picked him up Wednesday afternoon at the shelter. 



Sounds like Microchips are really valuable.  Check out the Humane Society's list of Common Questions about microchips.


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A different type of war kitten...

Sunday, 23 November 2008 1:56

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Canadian soldiers can't always count on the civilian population for support in this battle-ravaged province, but local dogs and cats are jumping into Canada's war effort with all four paws.  At major military bases and remote combat-zone outposts, animals are helping keep Canadian soldiers healthy, happy - and safe.

In Kandahar City, at the Canadian provincial reconstruction team base, a clan of cats keeps the mouse population down. It's not that the heavily armed troops are afraid of mice. It's what comes with the rodents: vipers.

In recent weeks, two of the venomous snakes have slithered through the fortifications, posing a deadly threat to the soldiers inside. The snake incursion turned the presence of the cats and kittens on the base from an emotional comfort to a true security blanket.


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Need a source of daily cuteness?

Thursday, 20 November 2008 0:11

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Here you go!  My gift to you....  Kittens.Sytes.org

The picture of the momma cat carrying the babycat!!!!  Priceless!  Supercute overload.... I can't take it!

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Orphans saved from being smashed!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008 13:41

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Two of the cutest little UK kittens were on the verge of being smashed by the trash compactor on the US Election day.  Luckily employees of the Country Wide stores heard the little cries and saved them.  The kitten's have been named Obi and Mac in honor of the two candidates....

YAY!  But Obi?  That name doesn't sound anything like Obama....  just because it has an "O" doesn't make it a suitable nickname.  Although, Obi is a cute name for a cat....


Check out the story here

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